Popcorn Fridays Volunteers

One of our most anticipated activities is Popcorn Fridays. Our kids love it and it’s a great way to raise funds for the PTA.

The funds are destined to Staff Appreciation Week (SAW) New Playground, Classroom technology, Teacher/staff support, Class Room Parent funds, school drives, International Study Tour, amongst other things.

Stokes PTA would like to extend out gratitude to our volunteers. This is by far, a community favorite and it happens to raise a significant amount of funds for the school. 

Chantal Aucourt
Monica Bailey Delissaint
Karen Beis
Tiffani Bois
Shelagh Bocoum
Elizabeth Eurgubian
Charneice Fox
Chelly Jones
Kim King
Rachel Lawrence
Nonso Nzegwu
Carole Sneed
Christine Szathmary
Victoria Tinsley
Jon Wadsworth
Lauren Winter

Thank You!

Please help us man the popcorn station each Friday in support of the PTA. Arrive by 12:30, done by 1:30 p.m.