The Candidates and Their Statements for the 2020-2021 PTA Election

The Stokes-Brookland PTA will hold a vote for the 2020-2021 Executive Board. We have current candidates for the vice president, secretary, treasurer, communications chair, and fundraising chair positions. If you are interested in running for president, membership chair, or events chair, please email

Please note: Ballots will be sent via email to the paid members list.

Vice President
Kristine Erickson
I would like to be a Stokes PTA officer because I value service to the community, and giving back to support the whole community. We are a new family to Stokes this year, but we already feel such a part of the community through our child’s class experience with teachers, aids, and classmates. I hope to continue the good work that the previous PTA officers have developed. My previous and current experience include presiding as President of the John Burroughs Education Campus PTO in DC and sitting on the Board of Project Transformation DC, respectively.

Treasurer – 2 candidates
Wahi Chisolm

As the 2019-2020 Stokes Treasurer, I formed 501c3 to establish our PTA as a recognized nonprofit organization and transitioned bookkeeping online using Quickbooks using integration with Square. I hope to continue making progress by organizing PTA finances and providing transparency into all expenses.

Kristofor Erickson
Kris was nominated for Treasurer with the following statement; Kris Erickson is a concerned parent who wants to contribute to the school community. He is responsible, dependable, and highly organized. His background in financial services would be a benefit to this position

Laura Alexander

Our family is new to Stokes. We would like to get involved in helping grow and maintain the awesomeness that attracted us to Stokes and to contribute to the community. I’m good at taking notes, and I would like to see the PTA thrive, so I would be happy to serve this role.

Communications Chair
Erin Argueta
We are so grateful for the Stokes community and the experience and opportunities Stokes provides our children. I want to see Stokes continue to thrive. I would hope to contribute to making people feel welcome, informed, and excited about events.

Fundraising Chair
Alexis Tyndle
Alexis was nominated for the fundraising chair position and happily accepted.

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