Meet Your Incoming PTA Board

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Thank you to all who ran and voted in our PTA executive board elections.

We had a BIG turnout for the presidential runoff!

Congratulations to Talitha Lindo, who won the runoff, 35-28. Special thanks to her and Taylor Beis for their candidacies to serve an immensely important role for our parents, scholars and school in the upcoming 2019-2020 year.

Meet your incoming 2019-2020 Stokes-Brookland PTA executive board:

President: Talitha Lindo
Vice President: Brian Galvin
Secretary: Monica Bailey-Delissaint
Treasurer: pending
Communications: Karen Beis 
Events: Jillian Jarrett
Membership: pending

Because of your invaluable collective efforts, we accomplished a great deal this school year, capped by a record near-$25,000 raised in our Community Campaign for a new playground. With your continued help, we can dream even bigger next school year. Have an adventurous (and restful) summer!

Your 2018-2019 Stokes-Brookland PTA Executive Board
Julia Senerchia, Jacqueline Glin, Michele Vaughn, Rachel Lawrence, Darren Goode, Walky Goode, Zina Abdelaziz, Shiffaun Alston, Caroline Hutton

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